Deep Purple
The Vinyl Collection - Box Set (Vinyl New)

Виниловая пластинка. 7Lp x 180 грамм.

10 000 р.
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Группа товара
Vinyl New
Состояние пластинки/конверта
Deep Purple
Box Set
Название проекта
The Vinyl Collection - Box Set
Original Release
Дата выхода
Возрастное ограничение


Machine Head

A1    Highway Star    
A2    Maybe I'm A Leo    
A3    Pictures Of Home    
A4    Never Before    

B1    Smoke On The Water    
B2    Lazy    
B3    Space Truckin'    

Who Do We Think We Are

A1    Woman From Tokyo    
A2    Mary Long    
A3    Super Trouper    
A4    Smooth Dancer    

B1    Rat Bat Blue    
B2    Place In Line    
B3    Our Lady    


A1    Burn    
A2    Might Just Take Your Life    
A3    Lay Down, Stay Down    
A4    Sail Away    

B1    You Fool No One    
B2    What's Goin' On Here    
B3    Mistreated    
B4    "A" 200    


A1    Stormbringer    
A2    Love Don't Mean A Thing    
A3    Holy Man    
A4    Hold On    

B1    Lady Double Dealer    
B2    You Can't Do It Right (With The One You Love)    
B3    High Ball Shooter    
B4    The Gypsy    
B5    Soldier Of Fortune    

Come Taste The Band

A1    Comin' Home    
A2    Lady Luck    
A3    Gettin' Tighter    
A4    Dealer    
A5    I Need Love    

B1    Drifter    
B2    Love Child    
B3    This Time Around / Owed To 'G' (Medley)    
B4    You Keep On Moving
Perfect Strangers

A1    Knocking At Your Back Door    
A2    Under The Gun    
A3    Under The Gun    
A4    Mean Streak    

B1    Perfect Strangers    
B2    A Gypsy's Kiss    
B3    Wasted Sunsets    
B4    Hungry Daze    

The House Of Blue Light

A1    Bad Attitude    
A2    The Unwritten Law    
A3    Call Of The Wild    
A4    Mad Dog    
A5    Black & White    

B1    Hard Lovin' Woman    
B2    The Spanish Archer    
B3    Strangeways    
B4    Mitzi Dupree    
B5    Dead Or Alive

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