Status Quo
The Vinyl Collection 1972-1980 - Box Set (Vinyl New)

Виниловая пластинка.11Lp x 180 грамм.

16 990 р.
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Оплата при получении: Да
Группа товара
Vinyl New
Состояние пластинки/конверта
Status Quo
Box Set
Название проекта
The Vinyl Collection 1972-1980 - Box Set
Original Release
Дата выхода
Возрастное ограничение



A1    Don't Waste My Time    
A2    O Baby    
A3    A Year    
A4    Unspoken Words    

B1    Big Fat Mama    
B2    Paper Plane    
B3    All The Reasons    
B4    Roadhouse Blues    


A1    Roll Over Lay Down    
A2    Claudie    
A3    A Reason For Living    
A4    Blue Eyed Lady    

B1    Caroline    
B2    Softer Ride    
B3    And It's Better Now    
B4    Forty-Five Hundred Times
A1    Blackwater    
A2    Just Take Me    
A3    Break The Rules    
A4    Drifting Away    

B1    Don't Think It Matters    
B2    Fine Fine Fine    
B3    Lonely Man    
B4    Slow Train

On The Level
A1    Little Lady    
A2    Most Of The Time    
A3    I Saw The Light    
A4    Over and Done    
A5    Nightride    

B1    Down Down    
B2    Broken Man    
B3    What To Do    
B4    Where I Am    
B5    Bye Bye Johnny    

Blue For You
A1    Is There A Better Way    
A2    Mad About The Boy    
A3    Ring Of A Change    
A4    Blue For You    
A5    Rain    

B1    Rolling Home    
B2    That's A Fact    
B3    Ease Your Mind    
B4    Mystery Song    

Quo Live!

A1    Junior's Waiting    
A2    Backwater / Just Take Me    
A3    Is There A Better Way    
A4    In My Chair    

B1    Little Lady / Most Of The Time    
B2    Forty-Five Hundred Times    

C1    Roll Over Lay Down    
C2    Big Fat Mama    
C3    Caroline    
C4    Bye Bye Johnny    

D1    Rain    
D2    Don't Waste My Time    
D3    Roadhouse Blues    

Rockin' All Over The World

A1    Hard Time    
A2    Can't Give You More    
A3    Let's Ride    
A4    Baby Boy    
A5    You Don't Owe Me    
A6    Rockers Rollin'    

B1    Rockin' All Over The World    
B2    Who I Am?    
B3    Too Far Gone    
B4    For You    
B5    Dirty Water    
B6    Hold Your Back    

If You Can't Stand The Heat

A1    Again And Again    
A2    I'm Giving Up My Worryin'    
A3    Gonna Teach You To Love Me    
A4    Someone Show Me Home    
A5    Long Lagged Linda    

B1    Oh! What A Night    
B2    Accident Prone    
B3    Stones    
B4    Let Me Fly    
B5    Like A Good Girl    

Whatever You want

A1    Whatever You Want    
A2    Shady lady    
A3    Who Asked You    
A4    Your Smiling Face    
A5    Living On An Island    

B1    Come Back With Me    
B2    Rockin' On    
B3    Runaway    
B4    High Flyer    
B5    Breaking Away    

Just Supposin'

A1    What You're Proposing    
A2    Run The Mummy    
A3    Don't Drive My car    
A4    Lies    
A5    Over The Edge    

B1    The Wild Ones    
B2    Name Of The Game    
B3    Coming And Going    
B4    Rock N' Roll

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